Picture of Kenneth Kannampully
Kenneth Kannampully


Hey! I'm a second year CS Major and I am one of your Co-Presidents of GITMAD! I'm truly excited to be able to help improve this club! Last semester, I was the Events Coordinator and I was able to set up many Android-related Tech Talks with big companies such as Microsoft, State Farm, Capital One, UPS, and more! I have many plans for this club, including improving the curriculum by making it less complicating, as well as many more Tech talks throughout the year (so make sure to bring your resumes). Join us if you want to start learning Android!

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Picture of Fuad Youssef
Fuad Youssef


Hello, I’m Fuad. I’m a CS and Chinese major. I founded and worked on my high school’s app team and work at Neopod currently. I’m most experienced in Java but have been trying to use Kotlin recently. I enjoy hackathons and have been trying to get into teaching. My main interests are in how the user should be interacting with the app and project design/management. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to talk!

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Picture of Jamal Paden
Jamal Paden

Vice President

Hi I'm Jamal, I am a CS major at Tech! I joined GITMAD in Fall 2016, became an officer in Spring 2018, and became Co-President in May 2019. I am very interested in Android development, and I want to spread the knowledge! In the past I have mentored Android develoers at HackGT, HackGTeeny, and GIT MAD's Appathon, and I hope to teach more in the future. I primarily use Java, but I am learning Kotlin, and I have recently taken an interest in cross-platform frameworks like Flutter and React Native.

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Picture of Jason Tu
Jason Tu

The Tech Lead

Hey! I'm Jason, I'm a CS major (Intelligence-People) at Tech, getting out 2020w. I love Android development (been gettting into Flutter recently) and hackathons. You'll often find me with Android Studio open at weird hours of the night, or pestering friends for feedback on a feature. I've worked at NCR (if you've ever been to Waffle House, you've used my code!), Amazon (Amazon's Choice), and am involved in the startup scene. I've been teaching for more than four years. Feel free to shoot me an email or grab a coffee with me!

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Picture of Siddu Dussa
Siddu Dussa


Hey I’m Siddu, and I’m a fourth-year majoring in CS. I joined GITMAD last fall and became an officer in spring. Most of what I learned about Android development is through this club and online courses. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, need help, or just wanna chat.

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